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BPGM uses cutting edge technological solutions.

Services & Expertise

The company has developed project management, GIS and data administration expertise in support of its valuers, field staff and client requirements throughout the project and roll maintenance cycles.

BPGM uses cutting edge technological solutions to support the workflow processes of collecting property data, analysing market evidence, and preparing values for valuation rolls. All the data and values are reviewed through our standardised quality assurance processes.


Given the large numbers of properties required to be valued in a general valuation project, Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) techniques including multiple regression modelling and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used. The AI methods are developed using imagery recognition and ‘teaching’ the model based on the attribute evidence presented within each municipality.

BPGM platforms the preparation of the valuation rolls from a geospatial property register. Any changes to the attributes of a property flags a change in value and the instruction to the valuer to prepare a supplementary valuation to revalue the property.

The ongoing updating of the property register and the valuation roll are critical for effective rates revenue. BPGM works closely with the respective municipality to acquire the information about changes to properties eg. Rezonings, building completion certificates, re-demarcations as well as sub divisions and consolidations.

We work closely with a team who specialise in compliant valuation roll management systems; consolidated billing systems and revenue enhancement tools. The services extended by BPGM comply with the requirements of not only the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, 6 of 2004, but also the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003.

BPGM’s valuers, support staff and consultants have partnered with various stakeholders within public sector environments. Our professional valuation staff are registered with the South African Council for Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP) and are affiliated to Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and South African Institute of Valuers (SAIV). We subscribe to the International Valuation Standards endorsed by SACPVP.

The team is characterized by a high level of self-management, an excellent working knowledge of the legislative environment and an impeccable respect for the statutory timelines required in the implementation of property tax inventories and systems.

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