Cape Town Central City’s Commercial Property Sector Thrives Amidst Challenges – CCID REPORT

In the face of ongoing challenges, the commercial property sector in Cape Town’s Central City has managed to maintain its strength and vitality throughout 2022. The “State of Cape Town Central City Report” released by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District Organization sheds light on the remarkable developments that have shaped the urban landscape and brought innovation to the real estate market.

According to the report, out of the 22 property developments that took place in the Central City in 2022, six were dedicated to commercial buildings, while four embraced the concept of mixed-use spaces, demonstrating the adaptability of developers in repurposing office spaces to suit evolving demands. This strategic shift underscores the industry’s responsiveness to the changing landscape of work and lifestyle preferences.

One notable trend that emerged in 2022 was the rise of tactile workplaces designed to counteract the remote work trend that had been gaining momentum. Commercial landlords recognized the importance of providing engaging and dynamic work environments to attract new tenants. This shift in approach played a significant role in maintaining the appeal of physical office spaces and sustaining occupancy rates.

The report highlights that the total office space within the Central City experienced a modest increase of +1.1% (11,400 m²), bringing the total to 1,047,979 m². This growth was primarily attributed to the expansion of B-grade office spaces, which bucked the trend of stagnation seen in the other categories. Moreover, the report reveals that despite the challenges, the majority of the additional B-grade office space introduced to the market was successfully rented out.

A particularly interesting observation is the shift in office space preferences over the past decade. The Central City’s total office space has expanded by more than a third, from 784,920 m² in 2012 to over a million square meters in 2022. This remarkable growth signals the area’s significance as a business hub and its ability to accommodate evolving commercial needs.

While the A-grade office space market witnessed a positive uptake with nearly 24,000 m² being occupied or rented in 2022, it’s important to note that B-grade office space, frequently favoured by small and medium-sized businesses (SMMEs), experienced a minor adjustment in rental prices which resulted in this grade having the highest vacancy rate. This highlights the sector’s adaptability in maintaining competitiveness in a fluctuating market.

The report also points out a shift in the landscape of premium-grade office spaces. The Central City, once known for its competitive pricing of premium grade offices, has yielded its position to Century City by the end of 2022. Nevertheless, it still boasts the second most attractively priced A-grade office spaces in Cape Town, reflecting its enduring appeal to businesses seeking quality workspace.

As per the report’s findings, the Central City continues to maintain a significant role in the broader Cape Town property landscape. It holds the largest share (39.5%) of total office space, closely monitored by the SA Property Owners Association (SAPOA). Furthermore, the Central City’s strategic positioning is evident in its share of P-grade office space (29.8%), making it the second largest in the city.

In conclusion, the “State of Cape Town Central City Report” for 2022 showcases the resilience and adaptability of the commercial property sector within the Central City. Developers’ innovative responses to changing trends, the expansion of office spaces, and the evolving competitive landscape all contribute to the area’s continued relevance as a thriving business hub within Cape Town.



Source: Swindon Property


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